Monday, June 24, 2013

Pomeranian Dog Breed

Pomeranians are typically a very friendly and lively breed of dog. They love to be around their owners and are known to be protective of them.They bond quickly with their owners, and can suffer from separation anxiety if not trained to spend time alone.Pomeranians are alert and aware of changes in their environment and barking at new stimuli can develop into a habit of barking excessively in any situation. They are somewhat defensive of their territory and will thus bark when they encounter any outside noises.Pomeranians are intelligent dogs, respond well to training, and can be very successful in getting what they want from their owners.They can become quite aggressive and dominant if not well trained.

The life expectancy of a Pomeranian is 12 to 15 years.A well-bred dog on a good diet with appropriate exercise will have few health problems, and if kept trim and fit a Pomeranian is a sturdy dog.The breed does have similar health issues to many dog breeds, although some issues such as hip dysplasia are uncommon due to the Pomeranian's lightweight build.Some health issues can develop as a result of lack of attention to grooming, and teeth, ear and eye cleaning. With routine care these problems can be avoided.They are prone to early tooth loss and feeding them dry food is recommended.
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