Monday, August 12, 2013

Sealyham Terrier Dog Breed

Sealyhams measurements vary by breed standard according to particular countries. The Kennel Club breed standard states that the height of a Sealyham Terrier should not exceed 12 inches (30 cm), measured at the withers or at the top of the shoulder blade. The ideal weight for a Sealyham is 8 kilograms (18 lb) for females, or 9 kilograms (20 lb) for males.


They have a white double coat which requires regular brushing with a wire comb in order to prevent matting.It has a dense undercoat, while the outer coat is wiry and weather resistant.Markings on the face can be in a variety of colours including lemon, black, brown, blue, and badger, which is a mix of brown and black.Heavy body markings or patches or excessive ticking on the coat are discouraged.Sealyhams are low to the ground, and in muddy weather their long coats can become quite dirty.Sealyham coats are groomed by hand stripping, in order to keep the coat from becoming too soft.

Although happy in the company of others, they are fine if left alone. Sealyham Terriers are suited for both the town and country.They can be stubborn, vocal,and boisterous but also full of personality.Whilst they make for loyal family companions, they can be trained to be working dogs, making them excellent mousers or ratters.They can also be taught as a puppy to get along with other animals, including cats and birds.Harry Parsons, described his Sealyhams thus: "They make great companions, and the way they bond with their owners is almost magical. I keep six indoors, and if someone rings about an infestation and asks us to go ratting, they will know and are out of the door in a millisecond. If you train them, they'll retrieve. They'll do anything to please you."
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