Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dog Food Dangers - How to Keep Your Dog Healthy When He is Hungry

It's not uncommon for people to go to the store to buy food for their pets. Where else would people think to go when their puppy is whining that he's hungry? The problem is most dog food isn't actually healthy for dogs and contains not only a lot of fillers but also a lot of chemicals that are intended to keep the food from going bad. Over time, a dog that has eaten a lot of this food can get very sick. It can even make a dog sick quickly if they have a sensitive stomach. It's important for pet owners to be aware of all the dog food dangers.

Dog Hungry
Both canned food and dry food have serious disadvantages for the health of a dog. Even the foods in the fancy pet stores that say they are all natural and sell for a lot of money aren't always a good choice. Canned foods are processed, meaning they've got a lot of chemicals and coloring to keep the food moist, looking appetizing, and enhance flavor. Dry food has a lot of those same chemicals as well as the fillers, which are various grains and rice products that a dog doesn't need. High priced dog foods aren't any different.

The consequences of a dog being on a diet that has a lot of chemicals vary per dog. Some dogs have incredibly sensitive digestive systems and eating the wrong foods can not only upset their stomach but also affect their entire body with problems such as rashes or mites. Over time a dog can even develop more serious issues such as liver failure and cancer. If one wants to avoid dog food dangers, the best bet is to get all natural foods and make the dog food themselves so they know everything that goes into their best friend.

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