Friday, December 20, 2013

Dogs In Winter - The Precautions To Take

Winter has arrived, the days are short and the temperature has dropped to the point that it is cold outside. We have the heat on, a fire in the fireplace, a hot cocoa to drink but what about our best friend and loving companion, our dog. We need to take special precautions for them as well as ourselves.

Dogs In Winter
If your dog has to stay outside, be sure to equip her with a dry, warm, non-drafty place or structure. Even though an outside dog has long fur and is of sufficient size, these dogs need the protection of an appropriate shelter. In addition to proper clean bedding (not hay), supplemental heat (heat disk, heated bed or heat lamps) will be required if conditions are severe. As a precaution, electrical sources of heat should be professionally installed so that wiring is not exposed for your dog to chew and the heat source is in the proper place. There have been instances when improperly installed heating devices have caught the dog house on fire.

Precautions need to be made for the inside dog as well. The typical house dog is usually smaller with generally a shorter coat. These dogs may need the extra warmth of a dog coat. Be sure to get one that is easy to put on. Most dogs prefer that their legs not be restricted. Any type of garment with legs will not be accepted easily and is will be difficult to put on. If your dog resist wearing its coat, try putting it on for short durations with lots of praise and plenty of treats. This way she will associate good with the coat and gradually, you can increase the time. Dog coats and booties will be necessary in severe conditions for a house dog when they go outside. Short exposure to extreme weather can bring on an illness.

Whether you dog is a house or a yard dog, both will require more calories during the winter months. During these months you will need to feed more and supply treats during the day. With a few precautions, observation and preparedness, your dog will stay warm this winter.

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