Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dog Eye Discharge - A Complete Guide

Dog Eye Discharge - A guide to this common eye problem.

In this article we have provided our regular readers with a complete guide to dog eye discharge and the reasons why it may occur. We have provided a guide to the signs, symptoms and most common causes of this condition. So lets get started.


Causes of Eye Discharge in Dogs

  •     Canine Glaucoma - This problem is caused by a build up of pressure in the eye. This is a serious condition and if it is not treated quickly it can quickly lead to blindness.
  •     Entropion - This condition is caused when the eye lid starts to turn inwards. This will cause the eye lid to start rubbing against the eye ball causing discharge.
  •     Corneal Ulcers - This is often caused by a blade of grass or something that has triggered the ulcer. It might even be caused by an eye lash or even smoke.
  •     Lens Luxation - This is when the eye has become almost completely detached. This will cause pain, redness and discharge.
  •     Cherry Eye - This condition is caused when the third eye lid becomes prolapsed. The term Cherry comes from the redness and swelling that occurs during the condition.
  •     Conjunctivitis - This condition is when the Conjunctiva (the skin tissue) has become inflamed. This condition can be caused by viral infections, grass, pollen and even fungal infections. This condition is very common cause of dog eye discharge and should be treated as soon as you notice any of the above symptoms.

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