Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pet Storm Door

If you have a storm door, there is a pet storm door designed specifically for your needs. But before you purchase one there is something you must do - measure!

There has to be enough area between where the window sill of the storm door and the kick plate to allow for a pet door to be installed. Many storm doors have a removable kick plate, but you still need a little clearance to keep the structural integrity of the door. So, before you rush out to buy a pet storm door, measure carefully. In fact, the old carpenter adage of measure twice, cut once applies.

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Storm doors are insulated. So they are most likely around 5/8th to 1 3/4 inches thick.This is something to keep in mind when considering a storm pet door, because the best ones that are the most efficient in keeping the weather out are dual flapped. That means there is an outside flap that flushes close with the exterior of the storm door and one that does the same with the interior. A small air locked space in between keeps the cold from whistling in. Again - measure!

The pet storm door frame comes in aluminum or weatherproofed plastic, or a combination of both. A few models come with insulation as part of the kit. Even still, a good caulking around the exterior is not a bad idea.You definitely want to remove the storm door and lay it on a sturdy flat surface before cutting the hole for the storm pet door. If that portion of the job makes you uncomfortable, get help. Contact your local home improvement center or a professional handyman. Many pet stores have a list of people who will assist you in getting your pet storm door installed.

If you have an all glass storm door, it is most likely tempered. It is possible to find pet doors for French doors but it is wise to seek a professional glazier to make the cut or determine if it can even be done. The advantage to installing the pet door in a storm door is twofold. First of all, you do not have to cut a hole in your main exterior door. Many exterior doors are pricey. They may have beveled glass or ornate carving on them as well. Having a pet door in them would ruin the design. The second advantage is that when you do not want your pet to have access, you simply close the main door. Pretty simple solution.

Here are a few other things to consider when shopping for your storm pet door. Make sure to get one with a self framing kit. That way you can be sure the door is secure and sealed inside the storm door. Spend the extra money (it won't be that much more) on a high performance pet door that can withstand the weather extremes. Finally, consider the height of you pet. If you have a smaller pet, the storm doors kick plate may put the pet door too high for them to comfortably maneuver in order to get in and out. Most customers like the idea of having a storm pet door for the same reason they enjoy having the storm door itself. It keeps the weather out, but lets the view in.

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