Friday, October 3, 2014

Designer Dog Clothing - Hot Doggie Couture

Gone are the days when dogs were treated as just pets as or as "security guards". Nowadays pet owners treat their dogs like their own children and like to pamper them to the point of no return!

Just like we like to dress up our human children, pet owners leave no stone unturned in their quest of dressing up their pooches. They have taken to the internet to buy dog clothes online in a big way. Now dogs are walking on ramps and are wearing designer dog clothes made by famous names. It is not just about buying one jacket during winter and another raincoat during the monsoons! It is all about hot doggie couture! And our dogs are not complaining!

From luxury tuxedos to soft fluffy shoes, dogs are wearing everything and anything their parents have been wrapping around them. Be it a small puppy or a big dog, there is no dearth of designer clothes for dogs anywhere in the world.

Along with all the clothes mentioned above, now dogs have taken to wearing hats and even jewelry! Female dogs prancing around at parks in designer skirts are not an unusual sight anymore. Male dogs wearing tuxedos and bow ties for parties and other special occasions have become very common too!

Pet parents have gone as far as buying swimsuits for their dogs! "Pooch pool parties" - as they are commonly known are being organized for pets and their parents at least twice a year across the country. These parties require the dogs to spend a long time in the water and hence the demand for dog swimsuits has shot up. Be it for just having a good time in the water or swimming for a competition, there is stopping dogs from wearing colourful swimsuits!

Stripes, monochrome, flowery prints - every latest fashion trend is being incorporated into doggie fashion. It is not just about clothes anymore. It is about showing off some serious "canine attitude".

Designer dog clothes can be quite expensive to buy and are usually priced much higher than regular doggie clothes. Due to a huge range of products available on pet stores, sometimes it is confusing to choose one stuff for your pet. But that is not stopping pet parents from buying them!

Most bought items include dog t-shirts, jackets, rain coats, bandanas and hoodies. Other favourites include dog skirts, shirts, boots, pajamas, jeans and trousers and even doggie tank tops! Accessories for dogs like sunglasses, hats, charms are also very popular with pet parents.

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