Monday, October 6, 2014

Dog Clothing - Why's and How's

Why do dogs needs to wear clothes at all? They already have their fur!

However, that's not exactly what most pet parents think. Just like we dress our own children, we like to dress our dogs too. It is just like providing them with a bed and other necessary things like collars and food bowls. We like to provide them with everything which is necessary for making him or her comfortable! Now thanks to the advent of online dog stores, every dog has his/her own wardrobe!

Reasons to buy dog clothes:

  •     If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors then buying a t-shirt can help him or her with getting protection from the harsh rays of the sun. With the kind of hot summers we have in our country right now, it is not just us who need to use a sun screen!

  •     During winter months, dogs which have short hair tend to catch cold and cough very easily. This is especially true in case of dogs with very little fur or no fur at all. So buying warm clothes for your dog will only help with keeping his or her warm!

  •     There are a few medical reasons as well for buying clothes for your dog. If he or she has recently gone through a surgery or has a cut, a wound or a rash, then covering the area with clothes will prevent your dog from licking that part. The wound will also heal faster this way.

  •     Seasonal clothes like raincoats are very useful during the rainy season. If you have to take your dog out multiple times a day, then buying a raincoat is extremely helpful.

Now that you learnt why you need to buy clothes for your dog, you need to learn about how to measure him or her! Let us find out!

  •     Get ready with a measuring tape and make your dog stand at one place. This is the most important thing to do before you buy dog clothes online.
  •     Neck: Measure your dog's neck as if you are measuring it for buying a collar. Add a few extra inches to that for a comfortable fit.
  •     Chest: Measure the widest part of your dog's chest, which is usually right behind the front legs. Adding one inch extra here is highly recommended.
  •     Length of the body: You need to measure right from the head to the base of your dog's tail.

Dog Travel Clothing

Buying travel dog clothes for your dog is as important as buying regular clothes. They not only help you with keeping your dog dry and warm but also attract a lot of attention. If you are going somewhere with a cooler temperature, you need to buy a jacket or a sweater for your dog. Buying one with night strips which reflect in the dark is the best idea. If you are going to a place where it is raining, you need to buy a raincoat as well as dog boots. Nobody likes to invite mud and slush to their house and keeping your dog's feet uncovered while it is raining is only going to do that.
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