Thursday, October 1, 2015

6 Must-Have Pet Supplies for Camping With Your Dog

Camping is one of the most pet-friendly vacations around with many parks and campgrounds offering access to the entire family, including dogs! Choosing the right pet supplies for the trail and packing enough to keep your dog safe and happy will help you enjoy a great vacation together with all of the comforts of home.

Sturdy Collar and Leash

dog Backpack
Considering the unfamiliar terrain, other campsites, pets, and even the local wildlife, the ability to keep your dog nearby and safe is a must. Make sure your dog's collar has an identification tag attached with your contact information, just in case. Choose a rugged collar with a firm clasp, and make sure your leash is waterproof and woods-friendly. Call ahead and check with a park ranger to see if you should add some bells to the collar or leash. Parks in areas known for bears often recommend them for safety on the trails.

Dog Carrier or Crate

Knowing that your dog is safely enclosed in his own personal carrier or crate will allow you to sleep worry-free as you simultaneously prevent him from wandering off at night. Even if you have a cabin or RV, a crate can offer an added layer of comfort for your pet - as well as keep him from climbing into your sleeping bag. For dogs that are already crate trained, the carrier will be a welcome sight at the end of a fun day of exploring.

First Aid Kit for Dogs

A dog-friendly first aid kit is one of the pet supplies you'll hopefully not need, however, you will be very happy to have it if your dog gets injured. From supplies for the clean up after car sickness to taking care of minor scrapes and injuries on the go, stocking your bag with a small kit of dog-friendly first aid supplies allows you to immediately address any minor injury and prevent infection, too.

Dog Food

While your dog would more than likely be happy to chow down on the same campfire food as you, his own stash of normal, high-quality dog food is the best meal for him. Dog food can attract the local wildlife, so store all food and pet supplies in an animal proof container away from your campsite to avoid unwanted guests.


Your campground or park, even if it is listed as dog-friendly, will want to see legal proof of your dog's good health and immunization status. Bring along copies of his or her registration, vaccination records, and other relevant details sealed in a waterproof bag for safe keeping.


If you plan to include boating, kayaking, or canoeing in your camping trip itinerary, a life jacket can keep your pet safe in the water. Some water-loving breeds may not need a jacket for campsite swimming, but the smaller, older, out of shape, or overweight pups will benefit from extra safety precautions. Medium and large dogs can tote their own supplies to the campsite if you have a saddlebag-style backpack for them to wear.

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