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Bad Dog Behavior - Simple Tips to Cure Them

A pet is a status symbol these days. Most people prefer dogs as an ideal pet because of a number of reasons. Dogs can be loyal companions and can be taught various tricks. They are extremely obedient. We have even heard of stories of dogs acting as a support for people who were handicapped in accidents.

Bad Dog Behavior
But sometimes these same obedient pets can test their owner's patience by acting out. They adopt various behaviors like non-stop barking and biting and destroying your precious household items. Such behaviors often become very frustrating for the dog owners, especially if the dog owner does not know how to correct the problem.

Starting from the childhood:

Most of the puppies that are adopted while they are very small tend to be dependent on their owners for directions. It is best to reinforce things at this stage itself so that when your pet grows up he has a habit to follow.

Correcting the excretory behaviors:

One of the biggest problems that dog owners often face is of the puppy relieving anywhere and everywhere. It is highly frustrating when you see you dog pooping in your bedroom or, you accidentally discovering dog-poop in your dining room. Though this is a big problem, it is the easiest to cure, if you follow certain rules since the dog is a pup. Always ensure that you take the dog out at fixed times so that it gets a habit of peeing or, pooping at these times. Another important thing that you should ensure is that whenever, the dog poops or, pees in your house, you should show a strict behavior exhibiting a stern "NO."

A slight raise of voice or, a gesture showing an instruction to get out of the house would help. The objective is to make him realize that what he has done is not acceptable and is wrong. You may even paper train the dog, if you feel that is a choice that you want to adopt.

Correcting destructive tendencies:

It is often observed that pups resort to playing with things that they shouldn't be with, and destroying them in the process. Your child's toys, slippers, newspapers, shoes etc. are their favorite toys. When the destroyed items are expensive, the frustration is even higher. Correcting this problem is very easy.

You might find a variety of inexpensive toys at your veterinarian's clinic. You can even get artificial bones that are made up of eatable substances, which the pup can chew. These toys and bones will act as a substitute for the other expensive things. Whenever you see the pup looking for your child's toys, issue him a stern warning and drop his toy instead. Gradually he will start to accept the fact that his toys are different from that of your child's toys and other articles.

Biting behaviors:

Another common problem that dog-owners encounter if of their pets biting people coming to their house or, even the members at home. This is difficult problem to cure and requires careful handling. At a young stage, whenever you see the dog nipping at children, or, attempting to bite someone, issue a strict warning by slightly raising your voice and gesturing as if to beat. Such bad dog behaviors are more often seen in dogs that are confined to cages without proper ventilation or, if they are kept chained for the entire day. Such dogs when given a bit of freedom tend to resort to such attacking behaviors. Hence your should ensure that your pet is not chained down for long hours.

Dogs are very friendly and loyal. With a little bit of commitment and effort from the dog-owner, any bad dog behavior can be cured. Bad dog behavior is a result of the the treatment that a dog gets from his owner. He is not born bad. So a slight bit of change in your approach can help your correct any bad dog behavior.

Dog care is very easy if the dog-owner puts in a bit of effort from his end. Dogs are very loyal and friendly and all that they ask for is a bit of care. Hence curing bad dog behavior is not difficult.
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