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10 Tips On How To Find An Ideal Dog Sitter

Pet owners often forget to plan for their pets when they go on vacation. It is obvious that you cannot carry your dog everywhere, especially on long holidays. But it is very important that you make some sort of arrangements so that your puppy remains safe while you are enjoying your time away from home.

Ideal Dog Sitter
A pet sitter would be an ideal option for you when you plan for vacation. This would allow your dog to stay in the comfort of your home and live their regular life. It is definitely a better choice than asking your friends to look after your pet or keeping your beloved dog confined in the kennel.

Here are some recommendations on how to find the ideal dog sitter

1. Personal References: Your search cannot get easier than this! Ask your friends or neighbors if they have ever used a pet sitter or if they know someone who has. Word-of-mouth can often be the best reference.

2. Interview: You may call a potential dog sitter over to your home and see for yourself how well they can interact with your dog and how the dog responds to them. Your dogs reaction to the pet sitter is more important than yours. So if you feel that the dog is not too happy with the person, try to find another one.

3. Reverse Interrogation: The ideal dog sitter would ask a lot of questions about your dog. He would want to know every tid-bit of information and will also take notes. This would reveal his experience as a professional dog sitter. So if they do not ask many questions, move on to the next one.

Going by Affiliations: Rather than relying on an organization affiliation like PSI (Pet Sitters International) who are unlikely to know the pet sitters personally, you should check the recommendations of your local affiliations.

5. References from the pet-sitter's previous clientele: They can provide valuable feedback about the pet-sitter and you would get a clear picture of whom you are hiring.

6. Bonding & Insurance: This is a must! However, while it ensures the safety of your property, it does not give a guarantee that your pet sitter is reliable or a caring pet lover.

Clarify everything: It would be wise to get a copy of the contract and read all the details mentioned in it. Having a copy of this contract will let you know the services and their rates. If you find something that is ambiguous, you can always ask questions.

8. Schedule a second meeting: If you and your dog like the pet sitter in the first meeting and yet have some concerns, you may arrange one more meeting and let your dog spend some time with the pet sitter. You may set out for a walk so that you can take note of whether the dog is comfortable with the sitter and how well he could handle your dog.

Go by your instincts: After you have done everything to get the best dog sitter, sometimes you just have to rely on your gut feelings. Hire the one you think is best for your dog.

10. Once you have hired your perfect dog sitter, you need to ensure that you provide him with every bit of detail and instructions about your dogs routine and eating habits. And before you are ready to leave, do not forget to leave your contact details with the dog sitter so that he can contact you in the event of any emergency.

If you spend a little time to find the perfect pet sitter, you will surely find it much easier to wave a goodbye to your puppy.

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